Etinosa Consoles BBNaija’s Tolanibaj, As Fellow Ex-housemates Bag Endorsement Deals

Etinosa said in a post on her Instagram page in a reply to Tolanibaj’s tweet, that black is beautiful and should only wait for her time.

Excerpt from her post read:

“Good morning @tolanibaj. With all due respect, I understand that the pressure to measure up to your peers can be very daunting. Everybody assumes once you are famous it’s automatic ‘success’ ‘cashout’. Please block the noise and don’t let it get to you. You are so so beautiful, intelligent and your time is definitely coming. Please remove the notion from your mind that your skin colour may be holding you back and reach for the sky.”



Timmiesodipo: “It’s so crazy that a grown-up would relate this to BBN. It’s so annoying when dark-skinned women speak about their struggles people try to make it void. Light skinned privileged exist. Colorism exist and tolanibaj’s tweet is valid and I can relate to it because I’m an extra dark-skinned woman. Like people need to learn to shut their teeth if they don’t relate to a post.”

Pat_ceelove: “I don’t think her post has anything to do with the appointment.”

Adornbeads: “Is she from the same state? How is it her business who gets what appointment? She cannot talk her truth without being associated with anyone? You sell bleaching cream but want to uplift dark skinned women? You are NOT smart.”

I_am_yettiegold: “Colourism is a big issue among us, Tolani didn’t say nonsense and her post does not relates to Nengi ejoor ma.”

Adebankefalade: “How can you assume on her behalf? Honestly? How does it even make sense to you?”

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