Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu To Be Dethroned (Details)

A prince of the Oba Of Lagos has made it clear that the Oba Of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu would soon be dethroned.

According to the prince, the monarch is corrupt and does not think about the welfare of the people as he only thinks about his pocket. The prince attacked the Oba in a video that is making rounds on social media.

In his own words: “When they took the Opa Ase (Staff of Office), you were complaining but refused to talk about the money found inside a coffin. The money you’ve been collecting since your time in Kogi.

“You are already planning for 2023 (general elections), that’s if you live long till then. But it won’t work.

“You acknowledged that you collect money from Governor Sanwo-Olu three times in a year, that will amount to twelve times in four years. And it’s not small money.

“If you’re are a good father, you should have said, “Jide, don’t worry, people are rioting, suffering, give them the money.”

“There are several dilapidated buildings around you, no drainage, no proper planning. Developers rush to build because of the fear that if they delay, you will revoke the land. You must go”.

Watch Video Below:

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