Rudeboy And Mr. P Childishly Battle Each Other Over Achievements On Social Media Since They Split

To those of us who thought the split between twin brothers, Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) and Peter Okoye (Mr. P) were just for gimmicks when they first started their skirmishes, we are now convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that they won’t reconcile.

Since the formidable P-Square group got disbanded in 2017, Rudeboy and his brother have been trying hard to outwit each other in all facets, albeit subtly as illustrated by their childish behaviour they both put up a few minutes ago. Rudeboy first posted a photo of his new boutique opened in Abuja as a form of advertisement for his new business.

Not long after, his brother also displayed his fleet of cars plus his plush mansion. The correlation cannot be overlooked and we wonder how long they are going to continue with this charade. See below;

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