Journalist, Kiki Mordi Accused Of Winning An International Award With A Stolen Story, “Sex For Grades”

Kiki Mordi, the journalist who was involved in the s3x for grades scandal, has been accused of stealing someone else’s story, ‘Sex For Grades’ to win an international award with it.

Kiki Mordi was awarded by the International Center for Journalists, ICFJ, the winner of the 2020 Michael Elliot Award for uncovering sexual harassment besieging the universities in Nigeria with a documentary she produced from an allegedly stolen ‘sex for grades’ story.

ICFJ tweeted,

“With the Elliott family & @ONECampaign, we’re thrilled to present Nigerian journalist Kiki Mordi (@kikimordi) the 2020 Michael Elliott Award for African Storytelling. Her documentary uncovered sexual harassment at universities and had a tremendous impact”

Another journalist, Rouna using the Twitter handle @RGAMeyer alleged on her page that the original writer for ‘Sex for Grades’ story was written by one O.O.

Rouna cited that it will be unfair on his part not to acknowledge the original storyteller and shared the prize money made from the award with her as the story is the intellectual property of O.O.

She wrote,

“Kiki, make sure this time you at least share whatever prize money there is with O.O and acknowledge her – given this was all her story as pitched, sourced/started.
Real journalists have the honour and also hold themselves to account, not just the government. #TruthIsSacrosanc”

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