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My Clients In Aso Rock Made Me Rich – Anambra based Native Doctor Confesses

A man’s true calling is always connected to the desires of his heart. But for those who choose the path of spirituality, can the same laws apply?

Since the advent of modern religion, traditional Nigerian religion and practices have tak­en a back seat. Day by day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate traditional worshippers and purveyors of the many na­tive religions dedicated to gods in Nigeria.

It, therefore, came as a sur­prise, whenself-acclaimed native doctor and worshipper of the Udo deity, Chimezie Meka, popu­larly called ‘Anukaenyi’ claimed that many of his clients are in the very seat of power where Nigeria’s rule emanates from.

Saturday INDEPENDENT went on a fact-seeking journey and had a detailed conversation with the Ogidi-Aniukwu village indigene in Idemili North Local Government Area, Anambra State while he rendered thanks to his chosen Udo deity at Iba Okaka shrine, Abor Village, Umuoji, in Anambra State.

Meka, who revealed to Sat­urday INDEPENDENT that he was a trailer driver for 22 con­secutive years without achiev­ing anything until he became a native doctor, claimed that every­thing he has today was achieved through preparing medicines for some government functionaries at Aso Rock Abuja and other in­fluential people.

“I did not know that it was be­cause I derailed from my destiny of traditional medicine practice that I failed to achieve anything for 22 years as a trailer driver.

“After discovering my des­tiny as a native doctor, my eyes were opened and I was guid­ed by the Udo deity from my grandmother’s village, Iba Udo Okaka Ezeobodo, kindred in Abor Umuoji community. I have recorded a lot of achievements including preparing charms for some people at Aso Rock in Abu­ja and other places, which helped my rapid progress,” he said.

Meka, who revealed that he was a staunch Christian and a member of Lovers of God Mission, Iba, Lagos, claimed that he was at a time the second in com­mand in his church.

On the reason for his thanks­giving to the deity, Meka said, “When I had the latest problem of not making much progress a few months ago, I discussed with Udo spiritually and the deity said I should rush to it at Umuoji so that it would be solved and that is why I came with a goat as a sacrifice and to appease the de­ity for carrying me along since I discovered my destiny.

“Upon my arrival at the shrine, the Chief Priest was wait­ing to receive me and today ev­erything is working as expected and I have been curing patients who come for one problem or the other, both from Aso Rock, Lagos and other places. I am so happy to have discovered my destiny. I can say that I am a lucky person today because I know that the progress in my work today is from ‘Udo Ogwugwu’.”

Meka further revealed that through the deity, he is current­ly building his second house and in the process of buying more lands. “I am now well exposed to the world because of what I am today.”

He explained that the popu­larity he enjoys today as ‘Anu­kaenyi’ within Idemili is the handwork of the spirit. “I have seen it in me. Whoever that knew me when I came back from La­gos that sees me today will not recognise me again,” he said.

Confirming Meka’s story, the Chief Priest said, “what he said was exactly what happened. It is good for people to make consulta­tion to know the cause of their misfortune, it is not a crime.

“He did well as a grandson of this palace (Obi). He should have made this sacrifice to the deity a long time ago, but people were deceiving him, telling him that we are killers. It was until the spirit warned him to make the sacrifice or else he would have himself to blame that he did it.”

Ezegbo further stated that “Meka made up his mind and came to me to let me know that he wanted to cook the food for the sacrifice. After cooking it be­hold, two vultures landed here to prove that his sacrifice is ac­cepted.”

“I told him that for making the sacrifice, which people ate to their satisfaction and rejoiced with him that this shrine will help him in all his under takings. I also told him that after four days of cooking this food, he should look for somewhere and make consultation to know how things have changed in his life as from today.”

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