“Your Time Is Up….If They Born Your Papa Well, Respond To Me” – Bobrisky Drags Tunde Ednut

Bobrisky’s outburst was as a result of Tunde Ednut’s ongoing feud with Instagram relationship expert, Joro Olumofin.

The duo have been at loggerheads for years now and Joro has continued to accuse him of being in the US illegally. In the most recent attack, Tunde reportedly served Joro a cease and desist letter through his lawyers, claiming he suffers psychological damage because Joro subjected him to cyber-bulling.

Reacting to Tunde’s allegation of being cyberbullied, Joro shared screenshots he received from people who were allegedly bullied by Tunde, in a bid to prove that Tunde is the real cyberbully.

After Joro shared the screenshots which apparently got Bobrisky furiously upset, the bleaching expert and brand influencer called Tunde out and threatened to call the US immigration if he responds.

Read as he wrote below;

“If them born ur papa well you can reply me… you know say my own mouth na bomb . I just hated him for many reasons, the way he insult people mother, always happy bringing people down etc… No matter where you live in dis world they can always serve ur ass a letter . Na money e go chop. Musician wey turn blogger , d idiot has no paper work ever since him they live for Atlanta . After all ur insult back then i still pass you with a whole 1million followers.”


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