Kemi Olunloyo: My DSS Boyfriend Told Me A FULL LOCKDOWN Is Coming

Investigative journalist, Kemi-Olunloyo has said she had gathered from her DSS boyfriend that a second lockdown in Nigeria is unavailable. She urged Nigerians to stock their houses with food.

news had earlier reported that the influencer drew the attention of the federal government to the rising cases of a new strain of COVID-19 which is deadlier than the known strain

She said the second waves of the virus was sweeping across many European, Asian, and American nations.

She, therefore, urged the federal government to take a decisive step now by banning flights from countries with high burden of the new variant of the virus. She listed countries like UK, South Africa, Denmark, and some countries.

Days ago, she described herself as unofficial Minister of Information and urged the government to immediately stop flights from UK, South Africa and others high burden countries to avoid the story that touches for taking late preventive measures. Her advice came as a result of the growing number of countries banning flights from UK and others.

She further added that Aso Rock appeared to mute this, which is not too good.

And a few hours ago, she has revealed that Nigerians should get prepared for a second lockdown which according to her may start before New year day, 1/1/2017. According to her, a DSS staff whom she called her boyfriend friend hinted her of this development.

The journalist, Kemi-Olunloyo, wrote: “#BREAKING My DSS Boyfriend in Aso Rock tells me a FULL LOCKDOWN is coming soon to Nigeria. All cities and states. B.1.1.7 #COVIDSecondWave. Better go shop for food before Buhari’s army takes over the streets





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