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I’ll Kill 300 People If I Don’t Receive N30m – Terror Kingpin Warns Zamfara State Govt Following Death Of His Bride

The leader of a terrorist group, Nasanda has warned to seek retribution for the death of his bride, uncle, and aunt by some vigilante men in Zamfara State.

Per reports from Nigerian Tribune, the Zamfara State Government has 14 days to make a payment of 30 million nairas to compensate him for his three lost souls.

If this proposal is not fulfilled, the terror kingpin has vowed to send 300 locals to their graves. Nasanda described the death of his three deceased persons as intentional as the vigilantes had knowledge that he was related to them in an audio made available online.

Living within the bounds of possibility and level-headed, the terrorist said that he would have requested N50 million per person instead of N30m if he was greedy for the money.

He said;

“I am not giving months, but 14 days, for my demands to be met. And we will not attack until when people are on their farms. If our Fulani people are not allowed to live in peace, we will also not allow others to live in peace,”

“If the government can’t pay the money, I will do what I am used to. That is I will take the life of 300 people to avenge the death of my bride and two of her relations. Yes, the lives of 900 will be in danger,”

The Zamfara State Government is yet to release a statement following this impending threat.


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