Tinubu Is God’s Choice For 2023 Presidency – Bishop Kayode Williams

Bishop Kayode Williams has claimed that God told him that Bola Tinubu is his choice for 2023. The founder of Christ Vessels of Grace Church Inc stated that Tinubu has won the 2023 presidential election.

Before his sojourn into evangelism, he was a notorious armed robber who spent time in prison where he met Christ.

In an interview with The Nation, he said he received the message about Tinubu becoming President three times from God.


You said you received the messages thrice on how Tinubu will emerge victorious in the 2023 presidential elections. Can you mention these dates and times the messages came to you?

I will need to check all those dates to be able to give you specific answers. But I remember sometime last year, 2021, I shared the message with Cardinal James Omolaja Odunmbaku, also known as the Baba Etoo. He is the Visioner/President of Christ Ambassador Soul Winners, because I believe he is closer to Tinubu. I went to his house. So when this message came, God told me to take it to Odumbaku. But he was not around. When he came back, he called me and said, ‘Bishop I saw your message for Tinubu.” I said, “e ma je ko tutu o, ogbonna oo. Tinubu ma wole.’ (It’s hot, let it not get cold. Tinubu will win).That time even the shenanigans we’re all seeing today was happening because nobody was even thinking about elections. Then, at another programme, I asked him last year, ‘have you given this message to Tinubu?’ And when I went back to Baba Tejuoso and said God Has spoken, he agreed with me, but said that we should go back and listen to God again. I’m quoting him verbally. He told me that last year. He said you have only confirmed it once, I want God to confirm it again. Then I went back and he (Oba Tejuoso) asked, “ki lOluwa tunso?” Se Tinubu yi naa si ni? (What has God said this time? Is it Tinubu still?).Then I said, “Kabiyesi oun ni, Tinubu ni Oluwa tun so oo.” (Yes kabiyesi, he’s the one God confirmed).The third time was last month or two months ago. Elder Fajemisin was with me. We were writing and updating the notes and preparing the letters together. Because we could not just bring out a piece of paper and pass to Tinubu and say this is the message. We had to sit down. Fajemisin is a journalist of high repute. He retired as a Director of Programmes in NTA, Abuja. He knows my integrity and hence decided to join this ministry. He knows what I’m saying. He was the one writing. So, the third message now came. That was the last one and we were preparing how to take the message to Baba Akande because God mandated us to go and give Baba Akande. But they said Baba Akande was in Abuja. I don’t want to go to the gate of Tinubu and be lurking around like a nuisance. Even some pastors have been troubling me to lead people to Bourdillion Road saying that way I can gain access to Tinubu but I told them to wait for God’s direction. When Tinubu returned from London after his medical trip, they forced me and I had to dance to their tune, so we took my car and some others. Justice Shogbola, the president of this organisation; mama doesn’t believe in “nigbati ngbati woli kan so pe” (when a prophet said). But because of the integrity and trust she has found in me, she decided to accept the leadership because she has been seeing the consistency and the follow-up of all my prophetic messages. And I said Mama because you know all these things you’re a judge of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, you retired from the National Industrial Court, you are part of us. This is just to confirm to the whole world that it is not an imagination because if a judge is part of this set up, any reasonable person will know we’re not joking here. This is a woman, not a frivolous person. You can go and check her antecedents. So, she accepted. So when I now informed Oba Tejuoso that Kabiyesi, this letter must be submitted, he said glory be to God. That is what is gearing us up to speak out now. The copies for Tinubu, we wanted to go through his daughter, Sade, because the Iyaloja lives in the same place with my wife. But my fear is that if I go anyhow, people will say it is manipulation. But I know Sade as my daughter but this is God’s message. But I told myself I cannot use that familiarity to say, Sade go and give your father because God said.

Politics is big business which requires funding. You have mentioned that your group hopes to mobilise support for him. Who is going to be bankrolling this project?

In the 774 local governments in Nigeria, we have members. God has decided in His infinite mercy to grant us the opportunity of the mandate in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria that we must mobilise people to be praying for the success of the election and success particularly of Tinubu in every area. Our mandate also is that because we are sure of what God hath said that it will come to pass, that immediately he starts his campaign, all our members in the city, we must mobilise to go and be praying and make sure that there’s no calamity. Kí ṣe wípé Olúwa jẹ ó wọ lé, ó ti wọle. (The prayer point is not that he should win; he has won already). This is not a prediction neither is it a forecast, permutation or guesswork. God said Bola Ahmed Tinubu is His choice for Nigeria come 2023. In fact, our members are no longer praying for Tinubu to win the elections because we know his victory has already been sealed in heaven above. We’re only praying that God protects him from all forms of evil machinations ahead of his inauguration in 2023. Note this down.

You are a leader in the Christendom. Interestingly Asiwaju Tinubu is a Muslim. How do you marry this? Couldn’t the Lord have shown you a Christian, as against a Muslim?

God does not see things the way we do. If God wants to send rain, He sends rain for both Christians and Muslims. God does not see anybody as a Christian or Muslim, He sees us as the work of His Hands. We have made a choice in the world to follow. That’s the way God is seeing us. It was when I came out of the prison that I went to the university to do diploma in Human Resource Management to increase my knowledge. God does not look at the people He created as Chinese or Russians. God sees them as human beings and that’s what the Bible says that in the beginning God created them male and female. Did He mention Muslim? When God speaks, I cannot go and query the integrity of God. Galatians 3:28 says that ‘there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.’

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