4 Facts Every Man Should Know About A Woman’s Breasts

According to “”, The mammary gland otherwise known as the breast is one of the most precious organs in a woman’s body system. However, there is more to this organ than we know today. Apart from breastfeeding, and enhancing intercourse pleasure, the mammary gland is endowed with many facts that every man should know.

They are no need for scientific proof that all men like women’s breasts. Although nature is what backed up this scenario. They are lots of things many men do not know about a woman’s mammary gland but in this article, I will be enlightening you on five amazing facts you should know about her mammary gland. They include.

  1. Their sizes can fluctuate

Many men think that the size of the woman’s mammary gland will always be the same but it is not so. Because women’s levels of the hormones progesterone and prolactin increase about a week or two before her menstrual cycle. This scenario causes this organ to retain water and will cause its milk to grow.

2. One may be bigger

This phenomenon is known as breast asymmetry. It is the abnormal occurrence of the hormones which makes one bigger than the other one. Over the years, it has been suggested that the left side of her body has a higher immune hypersensitivity, a factor that impacts hormones such as estrogen that control breast shape and size.

3. That is where desires exist

Many researchers have revealed that during intercourse, the desire for intimacy is being discharged from the mammary gland. That is the reason why women love it anytime a guy touch this organ of their body.

4. It can develop an infection

Please If you feel anything strange under her shirt, it is important to tell her to get a professional breast exam just to confirm that everything is normal to prevent diseases.

Every man should pay attention to this article.

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